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In late September, the copper market was still in an anxious state of “weak supply and demand”, and copper prices showed a trend of volatility and decline. However, the author believes that the current copper market may face a new round of internal and external shocks. The Fed’s interest rate hike path is gradually clear, and the Fed’s latest dot matrix chart shows that the Fed’s interest rate hike may be advanced to 2022. Under the ebb of liquidity, global copper investment demand and consumer demand will fall; domestic energy consumption dual control will affect the copper processing industry It constitutes a drag, but it has little impact on copper smelting; in addition, with the high raw material prices, the situation that in turn restricts consumption has not yet reversed.

   Will there be a macro- and micro-resonant decline in the copper market in the future? The author believes that low inventory may give copper prices a certain degree of protection against falling, but the pattern of "supply and demand is weak" may change as consumption falls to a certain threshold, and the copper market will accumulate inventory. Waiting for the copper market to enter the accumulation stage, the resonant drop in copper prices will start. 

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