91 Metal copper prices rise

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The impact of overseas supply chain crisis, energy crisis and inflation has pushed up the price of copper. However, due to the impact of maintenance and power curtailment in China, the operating rate of copper cables in September fell short of expectations and continued to decline. In September, refined copper rod companies and copper plate and foil companies started operations. The rates were 71.83% and 80.71%, both of which were down month-on-month. It is expected that the operating rate will continue to decline in October, and the price of copper will rise today.

91 metal electrolytic copper quoted at 76,895 yuan/ton on October 18

Lowest price 76845

Highest price 76945

Mainstream brands: including Guixi, Jinchuan Daban, Xiangguang, Daye, Lufang, ENM, CCC-P, Japan, South Korea and other brands

All are tax-included and self-imposed (13% value-added tax)

Delivery method: pick up from the warehouse

Standard product: Cathode copper, in line with the national standard GB/T467-2010 No. 1 standard copper (Cu-CATH-2) regulations, of which the main component copper plus silver content is not less than 99.95%.

Substitutes: copper cathode, in line with the national standard GB/T467-2010 grade A copper (Cu-CATH-1); or in line with BS EN 1978:1998 grade A copper (Cu-CATH-1).

91 Metal--Metal Industry Chain Service Provider

Baiyin (Yuguang, Wanyang, Hongda, Dajiang, Shuikou Mountain)

Gold ingots, gold bars, platinum, electroplated silver plates, silver bars, refined indium 

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