Beryllium copper rod

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model no.:JS-BCB-180410

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Beryllium copper bar rod C17200 


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MOQ: As the customers need! Very small quatity is ok for us!

Lead time:3-10 days

Stock size is about 2-3days.Customized size is about 5-10days.

Express: DHL, FedEx,TNT,Special line,etc.

Typical Chemical Composition:
Cu: Remainder
Be: 1.8-2%
Co + Ni: min 0.2%
Co + Ni + Fe: 0.6% max
Typical Mechanical Properties:
Hardness: 36-42HRC
Tensile Strength: 1235-1520MPa
Elongation: 2-0%
Yield Strength: 1058-1352MPa
Beryllium copper is a ductile, weldable and machinable alloy
It can be heat-treated to improve its strength, durability and electrical conductivity.
Because beryllium copper is non-sparkling but physically tough and non-magnetic, it is used to make tools that can safely be used in environments where there are explosive vapors and gases, such as on oil rigs and coal mines.
It is used for its superior strength, hardness and high electrical conductivity
Like other copper based alloys, it can be machines in the hardened condition but it is far more superior in terms of dimensional stability and is able to acquire elaborate forms
Excellent resistance to oxidation and abrasive wear
Commonly used in the electronic equipment such as switch and relay blades, control bearings and in non-sparkling applications due to its corrosion, wear resistance and high conductivity which increases productivity and die durability.
Profiles Available:
Round Bar
Flat Plate

Professional Beryllium Copper Supplier! 

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